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ÍNDICE, S.L.’s history goes back to the year 1959 when it was first set up as an Advertising agency

At that time, it was called ÍNDICE Sala-Rodríguez, using the surnames of its two founder partners and friends, who for many years, gradually built up an important portfolio of clients, particularly in the textile-fashion sector. They created innovative designs and advertising campaigns with slogans that became extremely popular, such as: “Belcor, muy cerca del corazón” (Belcor, close to the heart) or “Norit, el borreguito” (Norit, the lamb).



We published the first technical magazine specialising in corsetry and lingerie; “CYL Moda Íntima”

In 1965, ÍNDICE, Sala-Rodríguez was well aware of the marketing needs in the textile-fashion sector and decided to move into the publishing and journalism sector, by publishing the first technical magazine specialising in corsetry and lingerie; “CYL Moda Íntima”. The magazine was very successful and we are proud to say that it still exists at present, with 5,000 copies being published every quarter and distributed among European manufacturers in the sector, and the most important Spanish retail stores. It is also part of a European group that publishes similar magazines, called “Network Dessous”.


This publication was followed by four others, also on the textile-fashion business: VESTIRAMA (prêt- à-porter wear for men and women), VESTIRSET (children’s fashion), BOGA (modern textile-fashion) and IMPACTOS TEXTILES (trends and fabrics).


For several decades, these publications covered all aspects of the most important events and trends in national and international fashion, sometimes taking advantage of the creativity and social events of the period or on other occasions, facing difficult times, for example the censoring of the Franco regime, and successive economic and structural crises. With time, due to the profound changes taking place in fashion distribution channels, it was necessary to suspend publication, with the exception of CYL Moda Íntima.



In 1965 our publication business led us to buy our first OFFSET PRINTING machine

The continual publication of these magazines, along with the creation and design of posters and catalogues for the company’s clients encouraged ÍNDICE Sala – Rodríguez to purchase its first offset printing machine from the Spanish firm DUMA in 1965, with dimensions of 50x70 and in one colour. This way, it started its printing activities, which were carried out in small premises of 260 sq m, on the basement floor of the Advertising Agency. Later, the company purchased new printing machinery for larger formats and with more colours. This allowed us to consolidate a portfolio of book-publishing clients, especially text books and magazines in colour, apart from our own publications.



Our desire to offer our clients a comprehensive service led us to start the process of Book Binding and Finishing

Over the years, our concern with offering a comprehensive service to our clients led ÍNDICE to take an interest in book binding and finishing. The company implanted a paperback binding facility on premises of 300 sq m outside Barcelona.


In 1973, one of the founder partners of ÍNDICE Sala-Rodríguez left the company, which led to the company changing its corporate structure and name to ÍNDICE, Sociedad Limitada, which is its name today. However, the company is still a family concern, not so much because of its partners, but because of the friendly atmosphere that has always prevailed in the company.


In 1980, the increase in the company’s client portfolio and difficulties in transferring semi-elaborated products from one workshop to another led the company to consider the need for combining both workshops in new premises where it could extend its range of printing and binding services through purchasing new machinery. Consequently, in 1982, the firm bought new industrial premises of 1700 sq m in Poblenou, Barcelona. The old machines were replaced by new binding and printing machinery. Following all these changes, the company entered a period of sustained growth and invested in cutting-edge ROLAND equipment with aligned, digital texts using the latest available technology. These were the first machines to operate with PCs and optical fibre. We eventually grew accustomed to watching the sheets pass through the machine at full speed and with less noise.



Our clients’ demands made it necessary to enlarge our industrial premises to 6,000 sq m

Our binding, storage and logistics activities made it necessary to extend our premises. We eventually decided to rise to the challenge and bought 3,500 sq m of adjacent industrial land, thereby increasing the total surface area of our premises to 6,000 sq m and giving the company a new dimension. The objective was to invest in new machinery, printing and binding and also to enter the digital pre-printing market to ensure fast, effective supply to our company. We implanted the first computer to plate (CTP) printer with a filming device, workflow and digital imposition.


This new extension of our premises encouraged us to take yet one more fundamental step; that of moving our office, including the administration and management departments which were still located in the centre of Barcelona, where we had started up as an Advertising Agency.



Ongoing investment in latest-generation technology and intranet

Receiving projects through the MIS management programme and obtaining production data in JDF format, or sending automatic colormetry in CIP3 files are just some of the new technologies that our company relies on nowadays.


In 2006, the preprinting area was renewed, incorporating the Internet into the process of receiving and correcting jobs, with our current area of development being that of providing service to our clients.


The company continues with its investments strategy and since 2008, it has 21 printing units. With respect to binding, new equipment has been purchased such as a second line has been incorporated for covering with flaps, a system for raising and stitching on line, a folding machine for double or triple production and lastly a hard-cover binding line.



All this would not have been possible without our excellent team of professionals

Most of the employees working at Índice have been in the company since their youth, and are deeply committed, with great experience and trained in the latest technologies. They enjoy their work and the company has always acknowledged their great dedication.


The business activities of ÍNDICE were started up by two enthusiastic partners and friends, with the simple intention of earning a living and enjoying their work. Today, the company is still a family concern but now employs more than one hundred staff. However, its philosophy is still based on its commitment to its clients and excellent working environment.


This is the history of ÍNDICE, a track record of many years that continues today, thanks to our clients, some of whom have been with us for more than forty years and continue to offer us their support, due to the high quality, good service and reasonable prices that our company has always done its best to provide.